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Karen B.

I adore this! You make every angle a complete treat when you create projects, Bon. I'm honored to be on your cake!

Candice Windham

Bonnie, this is so good! I love the film strip and the clock theme.

eileen hull

Bonnie- what a winner this is. Would never have thought of packing tape on the outside! And the lacing- how cool is that? Because sometimes you just need a little extra room :-) You are lucky to have such great friends! And I'm lucky to have you on our blog hop- thanks!




Love it! I love how you used the photo strip and photos around it! Fantastic idea and job.

Ann Butler

Love this project!

Laura Bray

This is really adorable!


Your project turned out so wonderful! The mix of patterns and textures is perfect and I love the added touch of the photo concept - awesome!


Very creative idea-love the colors and filmstrip idea!

Melony Bradley

Bonnie- love this and you make it sound so easy. Hope your PC issues get straightened out

Marisa Pawelko

What a beautiful and meaningful gift for a friend. I love the juxtaposition of patterns! Bravo!

Einat Kessler

what a wonderful design. love it!


Like what you did with the die Bonnie. I like the black & white with just a touch of color.

Michelle Cummings

I totally LOVE this! so edgy and cute!

Health Insurance

Very unique idea, although it is a trend for personalized gift items but I love the creativity of it.

niki meiners

So very cool!

Melony Bradley

Bonnie- this idea will change how I look at normally throw away clothing tags- genious


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